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Heating mode of vacuum rake dryer and application of Guangfa
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The vacuum rake dryer has simple structure, convenient operation, long service cycle, stable and reliable performance, low steam consumption, strong application performance and good product quality during the working process. It is especially suitable for high temperature resistance, flammability, and temperature adjustment. For the drying of paste materials that are easy to oxidize, this machine has been proved to be a good drying equipment after long-term use by users.

The vacuum rake dryer is suitable for drying materials in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. It is especially suitable for drying paste materials that are not resistant to high temperature, flammable, and easy to oxidize at high temperature. It is widely used in organic semi-finished products and dye manufacturing industries.

The structure and characteristics of vacuum rake dryer:

The vacuum rake dryer uses steam or heat transfer oil or hot water jacket to heat the material indirectly, and dehumidifies in a vacuum state. Therefore, it is especially suitable for drying materials that are resistant to high temperature and high temperature, and are easy to generate dust and dust during the drying process. The volume of the material to be recovered is dried.

The vacuum rake dryer adopts the heating method of interlayer and internal stirring at the same time during the working process. During the working process, the heat transfer area is large and the thermal efficiency is high. The whole equipment uses a steam jacket to indirectly heat the material and discharge it under high vacuum. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for materials that are not resistant to high temperatures and are easy to oxidize at high temperatures or materials that are easy to produce powder during drying (such as various fuels), as well as the drying operations of materials that must be recovered during the drying process. The water content or solvent content of the material to be dried in the vacuum rake dryer can reach 90%, and the low is only 15%. The material to be dried is in the form of slurry, paste, granular, powder, or fibrous. The moisture content of these materials after drying generally reaches 0.1% or even 0.05%.

In the vacuum rake dryer, the material to be dried is added in the middle of the upper part of the shell. Under the stirring of the rotating rake teeth, when the material contacts the shell wall, the surface is constantly updated, and the dried material is indirectly heated by steam, which makes the material moisture Vaporization, the vaporized water is pumped away in time by the vacuum pump. The machine can simultaneously use the interlayer and rake teeth to heat at the same time. The heat transfer area is larger and the thermal efficiency is high, so that it can obtain higher drying efficiency.

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